What is SNAP?

BRAVE_SNAPSNAP® (STOP NOW AND PLAN) teaches emotion-regulation, self-control and problem-solving skills to children under the age of 12. It helps children and parents/guardians deal effectively with anger by teaching them how to respond in a way that makes their problems smaller, not bigger. With help and practice, children and their caregivers are able to stop, calm down and generate positive solutions at the “snap of their fingers.”

SNAP® is an award-winning evidence-based model that has been subjected to rigorous evaluation, which has demonstrated positive outcomes among children 6 to 11 years old with conduct and related behavioural issues. It has been shown to help children make better choices and control impulsive and aggressive behaviours that could lead to future contact with the police.

SNAP® was developed by the Child Development Institute in Toronto, Canada and has been delivered all over the world. BRAVE is the first organization to implement a full replication of SNAP® in Atlantic Canada and is the first and only all-girls SNAP® site in the world.

If you are looking for more information about SNAP®, please visit stopnowandplan.com.